Air Quality Services in Long Island New York

Did you know that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air? Poor air quality in your home, office, or school can negatively affect your health! Indoor air quality may be the most important element in keeping the areas where you spend most of your time healthy and pleasant.

These symptoms are caused by contaminants in the air from two sources: biological (such as molds, bacteria, fungi or viruses) or chemical (such as fumes from solvents, sprays, carpeting, and new furniture). These sources can irritate tissues and cause allergic reactions or infections.

Every enclosed space has a variety of contaminants which can accumulate to high levels and can affect your health. Carbon monoxide from vehicle exhaust can be circulated to all parts of the building. Moist plant soils and dehumidifiers that are left with water in the tank provide ideal breeding ground for the bacteria. These can cause diseases or allergic reactions if allowed to accumulate to a high level. Photocopiers and other electrical equipment can produce ozone, a colorless, highly irritating gas. Walls, carpets and furniture can emit chemicals such as formaldehyde. Photocopier toner or cigarette ash particles can become airborne and inhaled.

Proper air circulation is important. Each room in your home, office or school must receive a continuous supply of fresh air. Air circulation can be influenced by the arrangement of furniture, partitions, doors or equipment.

Mechanical ventilation systems are designed to provide a comfortable working environment. However, they are made for specific room sizes and occupancy levels.

Physical factors such as humidity, air temperature, and air circulation affect general comfort and can influence air quality. For example, excessive humidity can stimulate the growth of microbes. On the other hand, if the air is too dry, static electricity builds up and particles become suspended in the air where they can be inhaled or cause skin rashes. Employees may suffer from dry skin, nose and throat irritation, nosebleeds, headaches, or dizziness from dry air.

Symptoms of Poor Air Quality:

  • Poor air quality due to smoke, pollution, mold or other things that affect your air quality can cause symptoms like:
  • Irritated eyes, skin, nose and throat
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Stuffy nose
  • Flu-like Symptoms

Let our air quality control experts test your air quality and help you return your inside air to a healthy level. Island Environmental in Manorville, NY offers air quality testing and control services in Long Island, New York.