1. Causes of Water Damage In Homes

    No homeowner wants their home to experience water damage. To start, water damage causes quite a mess and depending on how severe the damage is, a good portion of your home could be affected. When water damage occurs, clean up isn’t as easy as grabbing a mop and bucket and some dryers as the water often penetrates beyond the surface level. When water is stepped into the subfloor, it creates a moi…Read More

  2. Why You Need Professional Mold Removal Service

    When it comes to the many nuisances around the house, one of the most common is having a musty smell infect certain areas throughout the home. Whether you notice that musty smell in the shower or in the basement, it is usually a good indicator of a much bigger problem: mold. Many homeowners believe they can rid their home of mold by treating infected areas with bleach mixture. While this may be ef…Read More

  3. Ways To Determine If Your Home Has Mold

    Mold is a nightmare for millions of homeowners throughout the nation. Most of the time, homeowners are unaware they even have the growth of mold in their home until it is too late, as it commonly grows behind walls, under sinks and carpets, and other non-visible location throughout the house. And, unnoticed mold can thrive in damp environments throughout your home, eventually causing structural da…Read More

  4. The Dangerous Effects of Mold

    Many homeowners know that having mold in their homes is bad, yet they are unaware of exactly how bad it is for their health. Mold can spread and grow anywhere in a home or business as long as there is oxygen and moisture present. Mold releases spores that can enter your home through windows, vents, and doorways. It can also be brought into a home by attaching to clothing or a pet. Mold is most com…Read More